The Art of the Home
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The home you have can be the home of your dreams!  Let me show you how...


Does your home send you out the door ready to give your best to the world, and does it greet your return with a welcoming hug and the promise to recharge you?
  If not, let me help you figure out what it needs.

Our homes can do more than shelter our bodies.  They are the launching pad from which we enter into the world every day, and the haven we return to when our day's work is done.  A well designed home nurtures the soul and spirit of all those who live within its walls.  Its spaces function well, and not just in the physical operations sense, but in the energetic sense, too. 

While I'm known for the artful details, the reason those details are so special is that they were designed for each individual home and its occupants.  It's not just about pretty, but about what makes your heart sing, and sometimes my biggest challenge is helping you figure out just what that is.  My passion is creating the perfect living environment for each client.

Murals, Faux Finishes, Dimensional Plaster, and Painted Furniture are just a few of the services I offer

Click on the galleries above to get an idea of some of the possibilities for your home(there's lots more under "More", if that option shows).  As you scroll through the galleries, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, that's because every home is unique, and the possibilities are limitless.  I do interior design consultation, color consultation, faux and decorative wall finishes, murals, dimensional plaster, hand lettered wall words, painted furniture, and about anything else artistic you might want.  If I don't do it, there's even a page dedicated to linking you with other artists!

Pricing and Policies:  
Quotes are free.  Every room is different, and every client has different needs, so I do not price by the square foot.  In most cases, I sketch a plan to fit your designated budget range, then once we have the options narrowed to a few, I give you set quotes for these.   I charge a 50% deposit to calendar the job and start any custom samples that might be needed.  The balance is due on the day of completion. 

Large contractors usually schedule multiple jobs for the same day, knowing they will only make it to one or two.  I work mostly solo, scheduling each job according to it's needs.  I arrive on the appointed day, and once on the job, I give you my undivided attention, until the project is complete.  I never charge more than quoted, even if the job takes longer than I expected, unless you change your request (in which case, any change in price will be discussed and put in writing before I proceed).  Strict deposit and payment policies allow me to do this for all my clients, both corporate and individual, and I ask that you respect this by not requesting that I flex the rules for your church, design firm, or grandma Bessie.  We're all way happier if I'm focused on art and not bookkeeping!

Ready to get started?  Contact me:

Dawn-Marie (formerly Quinche)deLara
(952) 873-4493
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"Have brush, will travel."

 Not in the Minneapolis area?  No problem.  On really small jobs, it may not do to fly me across the country, but my rates are reasonable, so if you don't have a local decorative artist who can do what I specialize in, ask me for a free quote.   Some folks like to find a few friends who also want my services, then split the travel portion of the cost.  Asking in no way obligates you, so please don't hesitate.  Tell me what you're dreaming of, and I'll figure out how to make it come true.

Want to have some of the fun yourself?  Classes, online tutorials, and do-it-ALMOST-yourself help are available

Volulnteers at Hope Presbyterian Church, in Richfield MN, did most of the paint work on these walls, and cut out the foamcore notes.  And get this:  only one considered herself the crafty type!  If you want to work with me on your project, just say so.

Classes for groups of three to five students can be scheduled in your home, or my studio.  Topics include most faux finishes, "Going With the Flow "(feng shui American style), fun trash-to-treasure furniture make-overs, and just about any craft you might want to try.  If I don't teach what you want to learn, I probably know who does, so please ask!

Online tutorials and downloadable projects are coming soon.  I'm an older dog than you might think, and this computer stuff is a whole new bag of tricks!

d-i-almost-y help...If you are in the Minneapolis/South Metro area, down to Mankato, and want to hire me for a couple of hours to get you started on a project, I'm happy to do so.  Get a few friends together, and have me come in and show you how to get pro results on your specialty paint projects.  This has been especially helpful for folks who have bought the tools and the paint, but are having trouble getting the effect to come out right.  I write instructions, and I know how much important info gets edited out, so don't feel bad if it's not as easy as they said!

A room of their own...When you hire me to do your child's room, know that I am delighted to have the child work with me, as much as they are able.  I am passionate about encouraging creativity in all my clients, so please never think it inappropriate to ask.  ...did I mention, "Just ask!" ???  :)